Monday, November 7, 2022


The God Speaks in the little things ~ 30 days with the Psalms "zine" (book) is here!!! This project is a long time coming and I'm super excited to share it with you. I've taken 30 Psalm verses and 30 photos, paired them together, organized them, and created this zine. As with everything I've done with God Speaks in the little things, it was a leap of faith. 

The zines are for sale through me personally, and will be on my photography website next week. I will be at the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles convention this Friday & Saturday ~ November 11 & 12 ~ as an exhibitor. I hope to expand the reach of God Speaks and sell the books. The zines are $10 each, tax included.

I truly believe that God Speaks to us in various ways, but the everyday moments are where we can always hear God's voice & feel God's presence, if we slow down.

listen... & walk with him in the everyday

If you'd like to purchase a zine, please let me know. 

And thank you for your continued support.

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