Sunday, September 8, 2019

Rescue me, Lord

From the God Speaks Daily Inspiration September 6, 2019
I entrust my spirit into your hand.
   Rescue me, Lord, for you are a faithful God.
-Psalm 31:5   (NLT)
Entrust = trust = letting go. Oh how we humans hold onto all manner of things. To entrust my spirit to God, I must be willing and able to let go and to listen. As a friend often puts it, "it's the ego again." The call here is to let go of our egos; our need to control; our thinking that we know best. God is there, just waiting for us to trust and entrust our lives to the plan God has for us. A leap of faith, yes! But, oh, how hard that can be.

Turning our lives over to God, for me, seems easier done in times of doubt, of trouble, of crisis, of despair. But when all is going well... a beautiful sunrise, the dog hasn't peed in the house,  a phone call with a good friend ~ then the question becomes can I pray & believe & trust with the same desperation? When I don't feel the immediate need to be rescued? Or do I let my ego run away with itself and believe I am in control? The psalmist says if we trust and entrust always to God, our lives will be more full; for God is faithful.

To move from ego/control to trusting,  I can offer thanks and gratitude to God for all I am and all that I have - for it is all a gift. And through this thankfulness and gratitude, I acknowledge that God is above all things. God knows all the animals of the fields; all the fish in the sea, all the birds of the sky; God knows each and every one of us. God has a plan for me, for you, for us, for all his children. Trust and entrust and listen.