Tuesday, March 29, 2022

evening, Lent day seven

 my fourth zoom of the day
begins this evening, in just a moment
zoom, zoom

I think of the Mazda ads
"zoom zoom"
whispers the boy
I once had a Mazda sports car
and drove faster

I think of my camera lens
zoom zoom
my brain tells me
as I look through the viewfinder
and focus closer

zoom zoom
faster on the roads of life or
closer to study the life around us
this is the endless question asked

this Lent calls me to the lens 
and not the Mazda
to savor the slower road of examination
all the details that make you you
and me me
and the intersections 
where Jesus blurs
the yellow lines of division
zoom zoom

Saturday, March 19, 2022

morning, Lent, day two

soft snores of the puppy

   on the sofa next to me

tea in my Christmas mug

   almost gone

gentle meditative music

overcast sky, just a hint of light

the house finch singing

   his daybreak song

my cozy sweater

   years old, familiar

David, Ezekiel, Paul, and John

   my companions

morning, Lent, day two



Thursday, March 3, 2022

morning, Ash Wednesday

 A reflection on Put Away the Tinsel by Ann Weems

First of all, do I really like tinsel?
What exactly is it for?
Yes, it's an added decoration to the Christmas tree. 
What is its purpose?

Is it thrown on 
   in big clumps
   hiding other decorations
Or is it placed carefully
   strand by strand
   to add sparkle and reflect light

There is tinsel all over my life, 
its purpose uncertain.

If I'm honest, much of it has been 
thrown on, flung wildly
creating a screen to draw the eye away
as I run 
from those parts of me
I want to keep

Yet another side of me longs
to be the conduit
for the Designer
listening for the angels' voices
placing the shiny bits 
so to open transparent windows into my soul
and let the light of Christ pass through. 

Dawn M. Switzer
March 2-3, 2022