Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Advent Wind

the wind blows
the plumeria bends
I worry that they will bend too far and break
the palm trees shed dead fronds

the hummingbirds try to land
on an ever moving feeder while being 
shoved by the wind

I am grateful to be inside
where I am warm and
the wind cannot reach me
I watch the lights on the tree
twinkle at me

yet, I am drawn outside
I step into the wind
feel its power
feel the freshness
it brings to this 

pushing out all of my

making way for 

the wind blows
the plumeria bends
it does not break
and the hummingbirds
find rest

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Fill Me

 The world around me takes
     from me
sometimes taking pieces I don't want
     to give.
Depleting my resources;
leaving me ever emptier.

I desire to be filled with those things that
    only You can give ~ 
things internal and eternal.
Gifts freely given
    once I only ask.

Today I ask ...

as the world hands me busyness, 
    fill me with calm;
as the world hands me worry, 
    fill me with serenity;
as the world hands me disappointment, 
    fill me with strength;
as the world hands me distractions, 
    fill me with peace;
as the world hands me irreversible, 
    fill me with wisdom;
as the world hands me too much, 
    fill me with rest;
as the world hands me darkness, 
    fill me with hope.

I desire to be filled with the gifts of the Spirit
    dearly bought, but
    freely given in love ~
today I ask, "fill me."

Dawn M. Switzer
Based on a passage by Joyce Rupp

Thursday, September 30, 2021


I live my days
in the great palette of light
from the Creator
who sees all. 

in the early morning light; soft
just dawning, new beginnings

in the mid-day light; bright, 
exposed, nowhere to hide

in the late afternoon light; golden, 
blessed with softness and forgiveness

in the midnight light; of moon & stars, 
glowing orbs of sparkling wonder

As God's light unfolds through my days
I am visible.

To God, to you, to myself.

Dawn M. Switzer
Based on the Hafiz poem A Root in Each Act and Creature

Saturday, August 7, 2021

I hear the bed calling

 Does your unmade bed ever call to you?
I hear it now from the next room ...
"I know you are tired, weary, in need of rest. 
Come, burrow here, and find comfort. 
Pull the covers over your head, just for a little while.
Blot out the world, the responsibilities, the weight of it all. 
Sink into me and let go. Cry if you need to.
Remember whose you are and gather strength.
When you are refreshed, rise again."
we can find Jesus in the midst of everyday things
if we but look and listen.

Dawn M. Switzer
Reflection on Matthew 11:28
"Come to me, all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Shape of me

The shape of me is
a mountain goat, moving
from the deeper, darker ravine bottom to the mountain top
and the radiant light

The shape of me is
a whale surfacing
to take in the air, which sustains life; 
to play, up and out of the water, splashing down
before gliding back to the Kingdom of the deep

The shape of me is
a baby's hand, reaching out, wrapping little fingers around one of her mother's, 
finding connection, solidity, comfort

The shape of me is
all these beings and more ~ I am them and they are me
Infused with Divine Love from our creator we are different and the same
Our sacred paths intertwine within the Divine Presence
though we may never meet ~ goat, whale, you, me
we are one.

Dawn M. Switzer
meditation on Psalm 107, selected verses
Nan Merrill, Praying the Psalms

Friday, May 21, 2021

Mercy born

by the ocean
vast water of rebirth
water of life
living water

waves rolling to shore
God's great mercy 
rolling over me
I've done nothing for this

this cleansing
this renewing
Mercy & Grace & Spirit
pour the light over me

illuminate the darkness
eliminate the shadow
and bring forth the hope of life
rebirthed, renewed, eternal

reflection on Titus 3:4-7

Thursday, April 15, 2021

on the veranda

on the veranda it is 

almost normal - forgetting our isolation order

the birds singing their God given song
the colors of the sky & trees, God created colors

just a gentle breeze Holy Spirit is that you come to visit

I feel an almost irresistible urge to pull out another chair for Jesus, move it away from the fire table so he will have room for his legs

what are the birds singing I ask

do you want some water? a glass of wine? are you hungry? how long can you stay? (this is me ~ Martha)

why did God make the peacocks screech so

I get no real answers, but my heart is calmed; my anxiety at rest (this is me 
~ Mary)

He is with us. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, martha, mary, ~ all are one

Friday, March 19, 2021

 Today (March 19th) we celebrate St. Joseph. Rather than use a scripture passage for the Daily Inspiration, I chose a poem my aunt wrote a year and a half before her death. I remember her telling me that Joseph must have been a truly remarkable man. We are all blessed by Joseph's actions. Has anyone been a Joseph in your life?


As artists see the Holy Family, 
Joseph stands perpetually
gazing down
on Mother and Child
perhaps in some perplexity.
How did this come about
for first on fire in raging anger
Joseph felt betrayed by Mary
and dishonored?
But God's mysterious alchemy
cleansed him
made  him fit to be 
earthly father to His Son
gently guiding.

So, though not quite understanding
Joseph adopted Mary's baby
in pity and in love
trusted servant of God. 

   -Margaret A. Weber (1917-2018) 
     written 12/26/2016-1/18/2017

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tuesday Tea & Prayers

Tuesday Tea & Prayers is a short prayer time once a month, offered through the St. Mary's Chapter of the Daughters of the King in San Pedro. We begin with checking in with everyone, and thinking of the things we are grateful for; Scripture and/or prayers are read; then there is time to center and offer your own prayers ~ silently, aloud, or in the chat; and we close with the Alternative Lord's Prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book. 

Here are the scripture/prayers used on March 9th ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

becoming Awake


I want to float on the fog,

Surrounded by the opaqueness,

Upheld by the hands of God.


I want to step onto a cloud at sunrise,

And be bathed in

That glorious Light.


I want to be like the sparrow,

Lifting my wings in the sky’s soft skirt,

Enveloped by all that is Holy.


I want to dance in my dreams

And awaken to delight in this day.

Thanks be to God.

Inspired by "Awake Awhile" by Hafiz

Monday, February 1, 2021


 Trust in the heart's courage to 
     rest in love
to know 
     all things shall be well. 

Trust in the power of
     love that has no end
& to believe
     that fear is a liar.

Trust in the sweetness of 
     grace abounding
     grace waiting
     grace present
in the valleys of illusion.

Trust in the letting go
and come to Heaven's realm
     here on earth.

Based on Nan Merrill's Psalms for Praying ~ Psalm 27:11-14

Thursday, January 14, 2021


Even as babies
before we can talk
we stretch out our arms & hands
and reach for what we desire.

In lockdown
with technology: electricity to computer
over wires
over phone lines
through the vast emptiness of the air
and in ways I cannot understand
we reach out, 
see and hear each other.

But at any time, in every time,
the connections of the heart,
not needing electricity or phone lines
or a 5G network,
need only love ~ 
a space in my heart for you
one in yours for me. 

And, Jesus, that baby in the stable,
reaches out for us all
connecting us with love.

written 12-30-20