Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Drawn to the Altar

 Inspired by Sunday morning at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, San Pedro
January 23, 2022 

the little boy walks forward
his red shoes
carrying him closer and closer
he steps
up the step one foot and then the other;
turns and looks at all of us sitting there
looking at him
Lucien, drawn to the Altar
was drawing our eyes
and our hearts
to him and to 
Jesus of the Little Children
he moves with purpose
around to the Chapel
drawn to the Altar there
in silent conversation
with God the Holy Father
he leaves the Altars,
also leaving us all
with full hearts
reminded, we too, are
children of God;
and he returns to his
parents present in the pews
the little boy comes forward
once again
stepping carefully up the step
and goes to each tall candlestick
looking up
with wonder on his face
seeing the light of Christ
in the flames
“ooooo lookit”
Lucien, Child of God
connecting us all with the unseen
gossamer lines of God’s love
drawing us one to the other
his tiny voice a call to all of us
“look around you ~ lookit”