Friday, April 10, 2020

On this Good Friday

My life is poured out like water,
   and all my bones are out of joint.
-Psalm 22:14   (NLT)

I am usually called to verses for the God Speaks Daily Inspiration that are uplifting and hopeful. But not today. This verse spoke to me and just wouldn't let me go.

As I am reading the scriptures for today it is morning, but looks like evening; it is raining, dull outside, dreary, there is no sunlight, there is nothing but fog on the horizon, darkish clouds overhead. I am home, staying at home, "safer at home." The ache of Good Friday and the ache of our COVID-19 self-isolation is upon me. My life is poured out like water and all my bones are out of joint.

I could ignore the ache ~ but I am not going to ~ just for a while. This is a dark time. I recognize that I miss my "normal" days & routines. I am not going to wallow in the darkness, but I will acknowledge it. And sit with it for just a bit.

Then I think of Jesus. All that Jesus gave for us. All the trials endured as the Son of Man. As a modern-day disciple, I am grateful for the hope that springs to life on Easter Sunday.

I once again hear the finches as they chatter outside, even in the rain. I look at my husband and am grateful that I share this home with him. I cherish the phone calls and Zoom Rooms with friends.  I will celebrate Easter virtually with my community.

I will celebrate.