Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Monday's Gospel from the Daily Office was Mark 5:21-43. I love this story of the woman who has been bleeding for 12 years (twelve years!!!), and just wants to get close to Jesus. She knows he can heal her. She doesn't even think she has to be touched by him, she just needs to touch his clothes. In the midst of the crowd she does not give up on what she needs.

Her faith, Jesus says, is what heals her. "Go in peace." She believed in Jesus.

So, today amid these days of social distancing and isolation, I am asking myself, and I'm asking you,
do you believe in Jesus? 

I believe Jesus walks with us, always. We only need to look & listen.
I believe Jesus hears us. We only need to ask.
I believe Jesus has laid a plan for us. We only need to be open.

I don't know what our lives will look like next week, in two weeks, in a month ~ but this I know for sure.
Jesus is with us. Jesus hears us. Jesus has laid plans for us.

Have faith and believe.

Go and stay in peace.

below is a meditation for you...

a meditation of Jesus in Mark 5:28-34
March 28, 2018

crowds, always crowds
   people pressing all around
fear, confusion
everyone wants something,
          a piece of me
how can I give to them all?
Father, how can I do this?
pushing and shoving
  peter & james & andrew & all
          trying to protect me
So hard to move
O Lord, it’s too much

What happened?
     I felt it; someone
                    someone        someone
someone        in this crowd
   just one person
only that one
looking all around
Who touched my clothes?
   still here
now I’m the one searching
Who touched my clothes?
the crowd parting, stopping
                    a woman
yes, Her, there,   O my child
       no, no, everything is all right
       don’t worry so

I am here,
          I will always be here
your Faith touched me
       & my power has healed you
     Go in peace
you are healed by your Faith         free
      you will always have me with you
I was here in this crowd today
   for you
I will meet you where you are
just reach out
                    reach for me
                               reach for me
I will hold you, I will heal you,
     I will save you,
I will give you Peace