Monday, July 12, 2021

The Shape of me

The shape of me is
a mountain goat, moving
from the deeper, darker ravine bottom to the mountain top
and the radiant light

The shape of me is
a whale surfacing
to take in the air, which sustains life; 
to play, up and out of the water, splashing down
before gliding back to the Kingdom of the deep

The shape of me is
a baby's hand, reaching out, wrapping little fingers around one of her mother's, 
finding connection, solidity, comfort

The shape of me is
all these beings and more ~ I am them and they are me
Infused with Divine Love from our creator we are different and the same
Our sacred paths intertwine within the Divine Presence
though we may never meet ~ goat, whale, you, me
we are one.

Dawn M. Switzer
meditation on Psalm 107, selected verses
Nan Merrill, Praying the Psalms