Friday, March 19, 2021

 Today (March 19th) we celebrate St. Joseph. Rather than use a scripture passage for the Daily Inspiration, I chose a poem my aunt wrote a year and a half before her death. I remember her telling me that Joseph must have been a truly remarkable man. We are all blessed by Joseph's actions. Has anyone been a Joseph in your life?


As artists see the Holy Family, 
Joseph stands perpetually
gazing down
on Mother and Child
perhaps in some perplexity.
How did this come about
for first on fire in raging anger
Joseph felt betrayed by Mary
and dishonored?
But God's mysterious alchemy
cleansed him
made  him fit to be 
earthly father to His Son
gently guiding.

So, though not quite understanding
Joseph adopted Mary's baby
in pity and in love
trusted servant of God. 

   -Margaret A. Weber (1917-2018) 
     written 12/26/2016-1/18/2017

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