Sunday, October 2, 2022

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

 I know many people push the reset button in January. New year, time to make adjustments. I think of Fall that way! Maybe it reminds me of "back to school" ~ all the new school supplies and clothes. Yep, I liked school. Fall always felt like a new start. That's where I've been focusing the last couple of weeks. I took a sabbatical from doing the God Speaks Daily Inspiration; we traveled to Gold Beach, OR (a beautiful, peaceful place); I went on a scrap retreat with friends.

I enjoyed my time away, but am so happy to return. I won't say I'm completely refreshed; I think I've had a good start. I'm going to continue on this reset journey throughout the Fall. Finding those things that make me & my soul happy and doing more of those. Trying not to turn my planner into a jumble of  appointments most days of the week. Creating a flow of life that celebrates the things that mean something ~ a lot ~ to me. Family, friends, Jesus, nature, creativity... not necessarily in that order. Want to join me for  a "back to school" Fall? Let's meet over a pumpkin spice latte & talk about it!

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