Friday, November 6, 2020

Do You Not Know?

Have you not heard?
Heard about the Lord?

Even the birds know
the little house finch, who
flies by my window and 
alights on the railing ~
poised just so...
just so I can see him through the slated blinds. 
Does he want to soar like an eagle?
Higher and farther than he can go now
strengthened by God to expand his horizons.

I am like the house finch
with a limited territory
I grow tired of my boundaries
I would like to soar like an eagle,
perhaps to ride on a dragon
for if all things are possible with God ~
why not?

I will close my eyes and soar
soar like an eagle
like an angel
opening my heart & soul to God
so that I may be strengthened
in turn to strengthen others.
Given hope, I will walk
I will walk with my sisters and brothers
and they with me, we will not faint.

I have heard
Heard about the Lord
and I am blessed.

Based on Isaiah 40:28-31

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