Thursday, April 14, 2016

Of Dog & Woman

I spent Monday afternoon with a friend who runs a kennel & doggie day-care. I went bearing lunch and pie (!!) and my little guy. He got to run with the pack while we humans had lunch and talked, laughed, shot photos, shared hopes & dreams. And, did I mention we ate pie?

She is a good soul, my friend. Full of fun, laughter, compassion, questions, disappointments, and love. She has built a business, a life for herself that (now) primarily revolves around dogs. Watching her yesterday, with the 15 or so canines around her, I see God at work. She tends to them with such care. She loves each one and gives each one attention; she is mindful of their needs and will put one away for a nap when he gets a bit overwhelmed. She watches the big ones to be sure they aren't intimidating the littles; she moves groups around so they can all play with ones they get along with. She is quick to scoop one up to snuggle with her; she tells another to "stop it." When we sit at the table for lunch, we are surrounded - not with begging dogs, but with dogs who settle down for a bit of a rest, knowing that she has stopped in her day to rest over lunch. One dog is curled at my feet, three on the sofas, one in the chair, one on a bed, two under the sideboard - we were surrounded. She tends to me as well, asking questions about the tales I share; giving me her insight; helping me to, perhaps, see things in a different light. She brings her grace & compassion to everything... and the fun!

As we were together with the dogs, she surrounds them, and me, with her love and care. Much as God surrounds us as his children. He loves each of us and gives us each attention. He is mindful of our needs, He gives us rest when we need it, He keeps us safe from the prowling, roaring lion who looks for someone to devour (paraphrased 1Peter 5:8 NIV), He holds us close, he sometimes tells us to "stop it." As a child of God, I am surrounded by His love all day, every day... and I choose to listen.

Maybe God can speak to us through a good slice of pie; but I know He speaks to us in the everyday relationships between human & human, human & animal, and animal & animal. How has God spoken to you?

God speaks in the little things
listen... & walk with him in the everyday


  1. Awesome -in the dictionary definition of the word, not the slang - Awesome. As is the Lady who writes this blog. I know, because I'm the guy who is lucky enough to be "the love of her life." God spoke to me nearly 30 years ago now, when He loaned me this Angel. And through her He keeps me on the straight & narrow, guides me when I need guidance, and soothes me when I feel pain. She makes every day a joy as you'll see by following her blog.