Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are you listening?

Last Sunday I was sitting in the congregation at church (I'm usually with the choir but we had Sunday off). The service started off as usual, but part way through I knew that God was in the house (as the saying goes). I felt it. I KNEW it.

And then I SAW it... Jesus' love in full bloom. Coming back from communion, one of the men, a younger African American, was helping an older White female to return to her seat. He was holding her hand & arm, and they were walking with a little bit of boogie in their step and smiles on their faces. Don was playing an improvisation on "O Happy Day" on the piano. All I could focus on were their hands - younger & older; male & female; black & white - together. Inspired. Happy. Loved... Jesus in action. God was speaking that day. He touched my soul and brought me to tears.

I believe with my whole heart and soul that God is with us everyday and in our everyday. I have experienced Jesus in my life, including in church last Sunday. Are YOU listening? Is there room for God in YOUR everyday?

God speaks in the Little Things
listen... & walk with Him in the everyday

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